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Construction companies and independent contractors require boom lifts for both indoor and outdoor applications. There are two types of boom lifts for sale: articulating boom lifts and telescopic boom lifts (also called straight mast boom lifts). Although boom lifts for sale are only designed to lift operators, their average weight capacities ranges between 500 – 1,000 lbs. Used man lifts for sale are powered by engines types such as propane, gas, diesel, and electric.

Boom lifts come in two designs: Articulating booms, and Telescopic booms.

Articulating Boom Lift

Articulating Boom Lifts are aerial work platforms with multiple sections that "articulate," allowing the user to gain access to work areas that may be blocked by barriers or obstacles. These units are very versatile and work well in areas with hard to reach places.

Telescopic Boom Lift

Telescopic Boom Lifts are aerial work platforms with sections that extend telescopically. These lifts offer greater horizontal outreach than any other type of aerial platform, allowing you to work in areas with limited access points.

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